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Purchasing a new home can be both a scary and exciting adventure.  This is the most expensive purchase you will probably make in your life and must be done right.  You need to know the condition of the home and if there are any major issues that will require  huge amounts of money to repair.

That is why a Home Inspection is so vital.

All components of the home must be inspected and reported on.  Things like Structural Components, Exterior Condition, Electrical, Plumbing, Heating & Cooling and Interior Condition must be inspected.  The inspection is required to follow Internachi Protocols for home inspections.  Thermo Imaging & Moisture  Testing is also a must during a Home Inspection.

A good Home Inspection Report should also include a list of materials that may contain asbestos and a general evaluation of the air quality that can be expected in the home.  The report  will also list the issues found during Thermo Imaging and all measure reading .

Your chosen Home Inspector must be qualified to inspect and report on all of these elements.  If he is not, you may be missing potentially expensive problems that exist in the home.

You should receive an accurate and easy to read and understand Home Inspection Report.    Reports of 100 pages or more are common but do you really want to try to read and understand  these types of reports.  Your report should be concise with all major issues found during the inspect  highlighted in the front of the report.  All major issues must also be  reported in easy to understand terms, with why it is an issues and what or who needs to address the problem.  

Rocky Mountain Inspectors can provide all of the above requirements.  Our inspectors are Internachi certified and follow the required protocols for a home inspection.  All of our inspectors are also IAC 2 Certified Air Technicians that can comment on Asbestos containing materials as well as expected air quality in the home 

All of our reports are easy to read and understand.  The front pages of the report highlight all deficiencies found during the inspection.  You don't have to try and find them buried in a massive report.  Our inspectors also review with you personally,  any problems that they may have found during the inspection.

The purchase of a new home should be an exciting time.  Your Home Inspector should remove the scary part of the purchase.  Feel confident  that the home you are about to purchase has no major issues.

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