Asbestos Inspections



Are you about to start a renovation project or buy a property to demolish for a future home.  ASBESTOS may be a problem.  The Alberta Government has mandated that ASBESTOS is to be considered as a Hazardous Material in concentrations over 1% 

Asbestos was used in many residential product prior to 1985 when it was banned.

All Renovation or Demolition Permits require that  a Hazardous Material Inventory Report be produced to identify potential Hazardous Materials onsite.  The report is generated by a complete inspection and sampling of all materials older that 1985 and have a history of containing ASBESTOS   If you are going to disturb any materials with a history of containing asbestos, it MUST be tested prior to disturbing it

This includes, vinyl tile & mastic, drywall joint compound, plaster over lath finishes, ceiling & wall texture,exterior stucco, vermiculite insulation and cloth duct wrap or pipe insulation, that predates 1985. 


So what is a Hazardous Materials Inventory Report  It is a report that has been generated my a qualified contractor that reports all Hazardous Materials found in a property during a complete inspection.  The report identifies Hazardous materials, where they were found, the amount of materials involved ( volume or weight)  and the concentrations of Hazardous Material present in each sample. The sampling of the property must follow recognized guidelines for the require number of  samples required.   The report must also include the Environmental Lab Reports and a Chain of Custody to insure that proper protocols were followed.

In the Case of ASBESTOS The Report will also  assign The RISK FACTOR as determined by the Alberta Asbestos Abatement Manual.  Either Low Risk, Moderate Risk or High Risk.

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The Asbestos industry is highly regulated and must follow the requirements of the Alberta Asbestos Abatement Manual.  the Alberta Government does allow any registered company to sample for asbestos, BUT they must follow the required regulations. 

A lot of remediation companies do their own testing.  This is a conflict of interest and can lead to false reports.  They also don't produce a acceptable comprehensive report  that is acceptable to OH&S.  It is important that all the required protocols for testing be followed.  This is very important  to protect you as the owner of the property  against any liabilities that may arise from not following the regulations.  As of June 1 120108, the owner of the property will be held responsible or any Hazardous situations or materials that are present on their property, not the contractors.  Be very aware of this regulation 

Rocky Mountain Inspection is a full service inspection company that employees only qualified technicians.  Our building inspector are Licensed Building Inspectors and know how to properly test the property according to the Alberta Asbestos Abatement Manual. 

Are reports are comprehensive, including, floor plans, where the samples were taken, volumes of materials tested, and the Risk Factor for remediation.

We are experts in the ASBESTOS Industry and also make available to you all the guidance needed to meet the regulatory requirements.  This is all included in one package price. 


The Asbestos Industry is regulated by the Alberta Government.  Only Qualified, Insured Contractor's are allowed to offer services in the industry.  Unfortunately this does not mean that every contractor is experienced at what they do.

No only is the Hazardous Materials Inventory Report required, insurance that the remediation requirements are followed, the disposal regulations are followed and the environmental regulations and worker safety issues are addressed must be considered. 

A typical Asbestos remediation project will require the following:

Initial tested and the production of the Hazardous Material Inventory Report to determine what the issues are

Contracting of a Remediation Contractor to remove the hazardous materials, in accordance with the required regulations.

Contracting of an Environmental Consultant to insure that the required OH&S and Alberta Environment regulations are followed

Issuance of the Asbestos Abatement form for Permit Application 

It is important to note that the Initial Testing, the Environmental Consultant and the issuance of the Asbestos Abatement Form SHOULD NOT BE SUPPLIED BY THE REMEDIATION CONTRACTOR

**** Remember you are ultimately responsible for all issues with the property you own and a remediation contractor supplying any services other that remediation, is a CONFLICT OF INTEREST. 


Rocky Mountain Inspection has been in the Asbestos Industry for many years and has worked with numerous  Remediation Contractors.  We are experts in the Asbestos Industry.

As a Third Party Supplier, we can supply you with the Hazardous Materials Inventory Report,  Be you Environmental consultant and Issue the Asbestos Abatement Forms you require.

We can also guide you through the regulatory process.  Explain to you what the issues are and  what is required of you.   We can insure that the Remediation Contractors are following the required guidelines, and eliminate your exposure to regulatory fines and penalties