Air Quality Assessments


What is air quality and why is it important

Air quality is a measure of what is in the air that does not naturally occur in it.

There are two kinds of air quality:  Outside Air Quality & Indoor Air Quality.  

Outside Air Quality is usually measured by the Alberta Air quality Index.  This index rates the outside air from 1 to 10.  It is a measure of particulate and major gaseous components that were measured in the air that day.

Indoor Air Quality  does not have a measurable index to rate the air in your home.  Alberta Health Services does have a Guideline for mold.   


One        The health of you and your family

Two          Protecting your property from damage and deterioration. 

What causes poor air quality in your home

There are may factors that contribute to poor air quality in your home.  There can be both particulate matter or gaseous components present in elevated concentrations.

Particulate matter such as skin fragments, pet dander, dust, asbestos,  bacteria, viruses ,and mold can build up in your home and cause major health issues with either you or your family. 

Gaseous components like Nitrous Oxide, VOCs , Combustion gases from cooking and chemicals that off gas from things like laundry products. soaps. deodorants, air fresheners and of course the potential for RADON in your home.

But the biggest Gaseous component in indoor air that causes the most problems is water vapor.  


Moisture in the home causes for damage and health issue in the home than any other  pollutant.  Did you know that the average person emits between 1 & 1 1\2 litres of water per day through respiration and perspiration.   Activities like showering, washing clothes and dishes and washing the floors also contribute substantially to the amount of moisture present in the home.   One of the biggest contributors of moisture in the home is the concrete foundation and floor in the basement.  Depending on where you live, the basement could be adding more than 20 litres of water into your home each day.  CMHC has estimated that to remove 15 litres of moisture per day from a 1500 sq fr home, you must exchange 85 cubic feet of air per minute to maintain a Relative Humidity of 35%.

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Do you think that the air in your home may be making you or your family sick.  Do you or your family feel  better when you leave your home for a few days , only to have the problems return when you come home.  Is there an abnormal amount of coughing and other respiratory problem.  You may have air quality issues.  Rocky Mountain Inspection Can Help.


If you think you have issues, you must have an Air Quality Assessment preformed in your home, by a qualified Air Technician.  Avoid persons that claim to be qualified but represent either equipment manufacturers or remediation companies. They are selling product or services and are trained to sell not advise about air quality issues. 

Air Technicians must be certified by either IAC2 or ACAC or be a trained Industrial Hygienist.  All others are not qualified to do Air Quality Assessments.

In general a Air Quality Assessment must include: an interview with the client to determine what they feel the issues are, 

A survey of the history of the home

A complete inspection of the home, both exterior & interior

Air Sampling of every level of the home as well as a Outside Reference sample.

All samples must be tested by an approved Environmental Lab and all results should be matched to Alberta Health  Services  Acceptable indoor air Quality Criteria .

Your Technician must report on what they think the issues are in your home and should offer recommendations to correct those issues.

Under no circumstances should the Technician offer recommendations for specific equipment manufacturers or remediation contractors. 


Rocky Mountain Inspection employees only IAC 2 Certified Air Technicians and follow all protocols to insure that you receive accurate and exact info about the Air Quality in your home.  Our reports will tell you what is in the air, why it is there and what you need to do to solve the problems.  All of this in plain English.   

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