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If you are interested in purchasing a new or used home, it is essential to have it fully inspected by a Professional Licensed Inspector to ensure your structure is sound and no hidden problems are present that could lead to expensive repairs.  At Rocky Mountain Inspection Service Ltd , we are dedicated to helping clients in the Calgary area to make wise, knowledgeable decisions about their purchase.  Our Inspections are in depth, covering all of the major issues that are seen in a home.  Your reports are written in an easy to understand format and we are available at any time to answer questions about your Home Inspection report.  Our Inspections are arranged around your schedule and availability See more on page 2


Whether buying a new home or you think you may have health issues with your present home, Air Quality, Mold and Asbestos may be a concern.

Rocky Mountain Inspection Service Ltd is a full service inspection company.  We are IAC 2 Certified Air Technicians that specialize in all facets of Indoor Air Quality.  We employee the latest protocols for inspection and sampling to determine, if you have a issue, what that issue is and what you need to do to correct it. Our comprehensive reporting will identify the issues and determine whether they are a health hazard to you and your family. 


Rocky Mountain inspection Service will get to the answers you need before you're left without any options.  We're more than a Home Inspection Company.  Our Calgary and area inspectors understand how your property is designed and constructed.  We are well trained to identify what the issues are and can report and make recommendations to eliminate the problem.


Customer service is the driving force for our success and the reason we have so many repeat  clients in the Calgary area.  We will make your job our top priority.  Our mission statement is TO PROTECT YOUR HEALTH AND WEALTH.  Our goal at Rocky Mountain Inspection Service Ltd is to make our clients comfortable and reassured that they can trust us to protect their interests.


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Knowledgeable Home Inspector Experts

Rocky Mountain Home Inspectors use the latest techniques  and equipment to preform the most comprehensive home inspection available on the market.  We follow Inter NACHI inspection protocols and requirements.  Every Home Inspection also includes Moisture Testing of measurable building components as well as Thermo Imaging of the home

A list of material with the potential of containing Asbestos will be included in all home pre 1985


We Notice the Little Things

We notice the little things.  Things that most people either don't know that they are a problem or that may cause expensive costs to repair in the future.  All our inspections include, the roofing system, the exterior envelope of the home, Attic Condition ,  Electrical ,Plumbing, Heating and Cooling and Interior Condition,  Moisture Testing and Thermo Imaging can detect water problems that may not be noticeable to the naked eye.   


Be Confident In Your Property Transaction

Feel absolutely confident that all the issues present in your prospective new home have been identified.  Our inspection report will allow you to make a  informed decision on buying your new home. 

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Rocky Mountain Inspection Service Ltd has been in  both the Commercial and Residential Inspection industry for 16 years.  We are continually upgrading the education of our inspectors and are well versed in both past and present building requirements.  All of our inspections will include every element that  the Alberta Government  mandates to be visually inspected.  We also include information that most home inspection companies do not include in their reports.  Things like General Air quality Assessment are included in every report.  



Do you think your home is making you and your family sick.  Do you feel better when you leave your home , only to feel ill when you return.  You may have  Air Quality issues in your home.

Rocky mountain Inspection Service Ltd is well versed and trained to identify , if there are  Air Quality issues in your home,  even unseen problems. We can identify what these issues are and what needs to be done to correct the problems.

Poor air quality in a home can be caused by many different situations.  Rocky Mountain Inspection Service Ltd uses the latest inspection protocols to identify these issues.  A complete inspection of the home will be performed.  Thermo Imaging and Moisture Testing will be used to identify if moisture and mold is an issue.  We will inspect the air handling systems in the home.  Verify that proper air exchange is occurring.  Do a evaluation of the living conditions in the home.  We will also be taking air samples from problematic areas that have been identified.   These samples are tested by a Certified Environmental Laboratory and the results will be matched to  Alberta Health Services Criteria for Indoor Air Quality Alberta .

From the inspection report and the lab results, we can make concrete recommendations to help improve the Air Quality in your home.  

Don't wait.  The health of  you and your family is at state.

Book us today and we will insure that the Air Quality in your home is the best it can be.  



Asbestos has become a major concern in the homes and business today.  Every home or business that was built before 1985 may contain Asbestos .  The Alberta Government considers Asbestos as a Hazardous Material and any materials that have a history of containing Asbestos must be tested before it is disturbed.  No licensed contractor will disturb any of these materials before they are tested. 

Rocky Mountain Inspection Service Ltd can help identify these materials in your home.  We will take the required number of samples from the home, have them tested and then generate the Hazardous Waste Inventory Report that is required before these materials are disturbed.

Rocky Mountain Inspection service Ltd will also  guide you through the regulatory requirements when dealing with Asbestos. 

Do not just assume that the materials that you are going to disturb do not contain Asbestos.  Don't put you or your families future health at risk.

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